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Q: How much poverty should exist?

A: Zero


According to the United Nations, nearly half of the world's population - more than 3 billion people - live on less than $2.50 a day. Over one billion of them are children. Among these children could be the next Albert Einstein, Marie Curie, or Nelson Mandela. The fact that these children will live their lives worrying about their next meal, instead of curing cancer and solving climate change, is a catastrophe for the human race. This is unacceptable, unsustainable, and a giant waste of human potential.

We want to eradicate poverty forever.

It is time to ensure that every person on earth can afford clean water, nutritious food, and access to education. Ensuring universal access to these basics will jump start a revolution that can reshape the world and create a better place for all of us.


Universal Basic Income
+ Cryptocurrency

Universal Basic Income (UBI):
The key to everything

Nobody knows what the poor need better than the poor. That's why Universal Basic Income (UBI) free money with no strings attached-is an idea that research already validates. When people receive money directly, wonderful things happen. They don't get lazy. They don't abandon their jobs and sit around drunk all day. When people get opportunity, most of them embrace it. They feed their families, educate their children, start businesses, and improve the conditions of their communities. Imagine what billions of newly empowered people will do in the world.

Despite the bright promise of UBI, all previous efforts have been too small, underfunded, and too-short. UBI should be truly 'universal' and given to literally everyone. It is important that the program be for all of us and not just for them.

Cryptocurrency Universal Basic Income

How could we implement UBI on a massive scale? There is a growing group of innovative projects popping up all over the world that are coalescing on a common solution.

Cryptocurrency Universal Basic Income (cryptoUBI)

Instead of relying on nation states, centralized banks, and corruption-prone officials, a growing group of people around the world believe that open source decentralized blockchain technologies could revolutionize the equitable distribution of money in the world.

We believe that the wide adoption of universally-distributed cryptocurrencies could end poverty, transform lives, and create a better world for everyone.


Our Efforts

ZeroPoverty supports the growing movement toward cryptocurrency universal basic income. We believe this movement will help end global poverty and create a better and more equitable world for all of us.

Our goals are to inspire and activate the design and adoption of UBI and cryptocurrencies in ways that enable humanity to evolve to a world of plenty for all.